Strategic Modernization of ISG Mainframes


Mainframes are crucial for the IT infrastructure of numerous global businesses, especially in sectors where data integrity and security are paramount. Despite being perceived as outdated, mainframes like IBM’s System Z continue to be essential due to their unmatched reliability and capacity to handle vast transactions.

Modernization Strategies

Cloud Integration

Modernization of mainframes often involves their integration with cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing. This synergy allows existing mainframe systems to benefit from the cloud’s flexibility and scalability without sacrificing their inherent robustness.

DevOps Practices

Incorporating DevOps practices into mainframe management accelerates development cycles, enhances efficiency, and supports continuous improvement, helping companies keep pace with market demands.

ISG Provider Lens™ Insights

The ISG Provider Lens™ is a research service that evaluates technology providers across various sectors. It offers crucial insights into mainframe modernization, assessing providers based on execution capability, strategic vision, and technological innovation.

  • Provider Analysis: Evaluates service providers, offering insights into their competencies and market positions.
  • Market Trends: Provides a global and regional analysis of market trends, aiding strategic decisions.
  • Recommendations: Delivers strategic recommendations that guide businesses in optimizing their mainframe and IT investments.


Mainframe modernization is pivotal for businesses aiming to integrate legacy systems with modern technologies. The ISG Provider Lens™ helps companies navigate this transition, ensuring they make informed decisions to maintain efficiency and competitive advantage.


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